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Advice on LLC, Partnerships, and Incorporation for Tax Advantages

Multiple Income Taxation Planning

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Business Returns – Sole Proprietor, Corporate, and Partnership

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Personal Taxes and Business Taxes

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Long Form – includes Federal, Federal Schedule A, State, and City

  • Short Form Tax Return – includes Federal (1040), State (MI-1040), and City
  • Long Form – includes Federal, Federal Schedule A, State, and City
  • State Property Tax Credit, Rent Credit Earned Income Credit Child Care Credit
  • College Credits Dependent and Independent Child Concerns
  • Tax Planning Deduction Advice Multiple Income Taxation Planning
  • Let Us Look At Any Return From Anywhere Else! We will double check it to make sure you received every possible deduction.
Tax Help When The IRS Sends A Letter

Musselman Tax and Bookkeeping is open year round. We will be hear if you should ever get a letter in the mail from the IRS requesting additional information, and help you with whatever questions they may have.

Don’t Worry, We Are Here To Help.

We understand if you are not a tax professional. We are. Let our experienced staff help you, and our friendly front office will help you with setting an appointment with a tax preparer, or letting you know how to safely and securely drop off your information in our 24/7 drop box.

Always Up to Date

Musselman Tax Service is owned and operated by Denise Musselman. Denise has been preparing taxes for over 40 years. She stays on top of the ever changing tax laws by attending seminars and classes that are IRS and State approved.